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Methodos is a management consultancy founded in 1978. We contribute to the success of our clients helping them reach their objectives and generate value by engaging their people and helping them develop. Methodos is a market leader in Italy in organizational and cultural change management and engagement and communication programmes, with experience in building leadership and promoting an integrated culture of responsibility and sustainability.

A legacy of competency and professionalism

Methodos is leader in the design and implementation of cultural  change programs based on socio-cultural analysis, stakeholder inclusion, co-participative action, change to integrate sustainability. Programs include integrated communication, skill and competencies development, innovative task force management.

A pro-active approach in line with client expectations

Methodos is effective in the research and activation of conceptual models and operative  instrumentation which meet the specific and situational needs of its clients, from the detailed definition of objectives to the development of results measurement tools and processes.



To be a reference point for organizations that wish to align their culture and behaviours with their strategies, thus generating engagement, energy and innovation.

Methodos offers ISO 9000 certified training

To guarantee training of the highest quality and its continuous monitoring, Methodos has designed a specific management procedure for training processes, in conformity with ISO 9001:2008. The advantage of ISO 9000 and the consequent certification came about by chance. It all started with a meeting with Giacomo Elias, immediately after the end of his mandate as president of ISO, when Methodos took on board the basic philosophy of the famous international standard for quality control. The application of ISO 9000 meant maintaining the promises made to clients, getting certified means guaranteeing this commitment over time. This approach immediately attracted attention because it precisely synthesises the spirit and engagement that has always characterised Methodos’s professional approach. Our clients have always been at the centre of what we do and we have always wanted to demonstrate knowledge and passion in daily activity. Today, this objective has been reached. Certification has been a formal recognition of an already consolidated mind set.

Methodos is a member of Assoconsult

Assoconsult promotes knowledge of the best management techniques for increasing efficiency and competitiveness of businesses and public administration throughout Italy. This brings with it a necessary strengthening and development of awareness within the profession and constantly elevating qualifications. For this reason the Association actively promotes the quality of the image of consultants, defends their role and encourages their development and training. The mission of Assoconsult is to elevate the value of consultancy, visibly and effectively supporting all public and private organizations so as to increase the overall competitiveness of the entire Italian system.

Methodos is a member of Assochange

Set up in 2003, Assochange is the only association in Europe that has as its mission the diffusion of Change Management  themes: raising awareness at the higher levels of business and politics regarding the contribution they can make to the evolution of businesses in our country.

Assochange brings together experts in corporate organization, professionals, consultants and university professors, as well as some of the most important Italian and international businesses, banks, major universities, research centres and professional training institutes.

The prime objective of Assochange is the development of a shared culture, sharing experiences, developing models and analysing successful case histories as well as mistakes to be avoided in projects of organizational evolution and transformation.