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Fashion & Luxury Division

Thanks to the significant experience of its experts specialized in international retail, Methodos Fashion & Luxury Division offers its clients targeted services in the Retail and Operations and CRM and Clienteling areas.

Retail Operations

Starting from the decision to open a new store going right through to budgeting, P&L, KPIs, link selling techniques, inventory control, performance reporting, footfall implementation systems, visual merchandise strategy, Methodos is the ideal advisor on international shop roll out in new markets, lease negotiations, and contractor negotiations.

Methodos provides support in recruiting international teams and offers services in temporary Retail top management (Retail Director, Retail manager, Area manager, Store manager)

Methodos also provides one to one Executive coaching and Team coaching.

CRM & Clienteling

Methodos has specific expertise in CRM & Clienteling Programs.

The relationship with the client starts in the boutique through the physical contact with the product and services, but above all through the professionalism and the courtesy communicated by people. This is the foundation stone for long lasting qualitative relations between the brand and the customers. People in store “feel” the client’s propensity to come back more times.

Methodos has implemented specific Methodology and tools able to support Retail management and the sales Team in implementing a strong CRM and Clienteling Strategy, linked to the Company Culture.

Starting from the Fashion House marketing Information System, the Methodos Team support the implementation of knowledge management and the personalization of the communication according to the level of Awareness on Clienteling in the Organization.

A specific training and engagement program helps sales teams fully understand the importance of Client data. A clienteling program is completely useless without data so the collection of data is the true critical point in the process above all when we consider some specific Clients Segments.

Since technology and well-defined processes are not enough to achieve the goal, and that the sales teams are the main actors, Methodos emphasizes motivation, education and “savoir faire” as critical factors for the success of a Clienteling project.

On a global level all Methodos services, regarding core competences, have a dedicated bespoke department for the Fashion & Luxury industry.

Cultural Change Management


For companies that desire to change and stay focused on specific drivers such as the introduction of new approaches in terms of:

  • cross cultural programs
  • different positioning
  • digital selling techniques
  • presence in new geographical area
  • alignement according new needs and habit of the clients

For further information see our Cultural Change Management practice area.

Experience4Change & Team Effectiveness


Methodos uses experiential training and team building activities, relying on the people’s cultural and emotional dimension with the following aims:

  • to orientate business towards new challenges and with a special focus on strategic business topics, innovation and leadership
  • to create a special atmosphere by engaging people who will serve end customers transferring the uniqueness of the brand.
  • to help store managers and sales teams to improve competences, attitudes and manners with the aim to translate Brand Identity into consistent behaviours on the field

Methodos leads the outdoor moments, analyses dynamics in groups and gives the appropriate feedback.

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