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Methodos designs plans for development and the integration of the logic of sustainability within the decision making process, rethinking together with our clients the relationship with the stakeholders.
We assist organizations in launching cultural change aimed at generating economic, environmental and social value and that enhances competitiveness and innovation.

How to integrate sustainability

The process of changing to genuinely integrated sustainability and a medium term vision in the corporate culture, actions and behaviour requires organizations, board of directors and managers that lead them to make a cultural leap. They must no longer think of sustainability as a “nice to have” that moves parallel to corporate strategy, but as an opportunity to be seized to multiply the value of the company in the long term.

The integration of sustainability requires the adoption by organizations of actions that are not restricted but transversal and focussed on themes relevant to performance, and of initiatives that are transformative rather than evolutionary, bearers of the necessary innovation to significantly affect both financial performance and sustainability.

From economic value to incremental value

Enhanced ValueRecent research and managerial practice has shown how it is indispensable for the survival of modern organizations to consider not only the economic value but also the environmental and social values regarding:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Corporate strategy
  • Objectives and activities both at a corporate level and at that of single organizational functions

integrating the three dimensions into converging thoughts and actions, so as to generate an enhanced value that really does respond to the needs expressed by the majority of internal and external stakeholders.

How Methodos intervenes

Methodos assists companies in starting on a path of change that integrates sustainability implementing a planned, coherent and coordinated transformation of all aspects of the company (strategy, structure, process, people, culture, relationships). This makes it possible for any organization to consider reconfiguring its activities in a sustainable manner, thus creating increased value for internal and external stakeholders.