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Facilitating operating processes, sustaining a sense of belonging and improving both personal and professional life inside the company: Methodos consult on themes of internal communication and the engagement of employees.

Employee engagement: going the extra mile

There are various different international definitions of employee engagement. One of the most authoritative is that given by the British movement Engage for Success:

Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being.”

Employee engagement accelerates and improves performance in various organizational areas, consolidating the attainment of shared objectives and values within the organization: innovation, improved results, quality, safety and sustainability:

Organization and internal communication

The evolution of internal communications has been determined, or at least favoured, by the changes that the organizations themselves have undergone in the last decade. They have required an increasing consciousness among employees called to interpret changes as a well oiled team, changes such as: slimmer structures, shortening of the time to market, inter-functionality, process management, flattening of the hierarchical pyramid, centralisation of intellectual property, organizational flexibility.

Communicating inside a company therefore means transmitting a strategy vision of the business, listening to the varying information needs of the different professional communities. This must always be from the point of view of internal marketing, supplying the tools and the space necessary for exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge.

The Methodos approach

Methodos starting back in the 80s, and on behalf of Confindustria, was one of the first consultancy companies to monitor the development of internal communications within companies. Thanks to this experience we have been able to perfect techniques for identifying the need for information and to experiment models of complex internal communications plans.
Methodos believes that the base for the development of internal communications and employee rests on three relationship planes:


Employees and the company
  • Development and sharing of strategy, vision and values
  • Development of absolute loyalty
  • Understanding the driving forces of business
  • Adopting rigorous processes and standards
  • Strengthening leaders at all levels of the organization


Employees and other employees
  • Efficient exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Developing communication between professional communities
  • Fostering innovation and continuous improvement
  • Connecting business units to maximise everyone’s contributions


Employees and external stakeholders
  • Keeping current clients and attracting new ones
  • Attracting and keeping new collaborators
  • Improving brand awareness, credibility and reputation
  • Positively influencing the decision process through recognised leadership