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Effective leadership and a capable, inspired and change-oriented management team are essential to overcome business challenges and to deliver outstanding results.

Methodos develops skills, behavior and attitudes necessary to produce effective leadership at all levels of the organization. It also supports the management in aligning HR processes, key to meet business goals.

Today’s leaders are called upon to:

  • Address the long-term development of the organization
  • Be a Role Model in terms of corporate values and individual responsibility
  • Support the development of future leaders to ensure business continuity
  • Make decisions taking into consideration the results and impact on stakeholders
  • Involve people in the change process by generating a culture open to new challenges

Methodos approach

Methodos areas of expertise are:

Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness

Supporting Senior Leaders in improving their effectiveness – as individuals and as a team – to clarify and implement the business strategy.

A process aimed to

  • Clarify the strategic direction
  • Develop Executive Team cohesion and define the objective-orientated roadmap
  • Plan and monitor the execution
  • Start of development and building capabilities

Leadership Assessment & Development

Define a Leadership Strategy consistent with the business strategy. A series of approaches and tools aimed to generate shared value by means of.

  • Clarification of strategy and corporate Vision
  • Defining the Leadership Model, skills and behavior
  • Assessment and development of leaders and members of the organization
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Support for the development of a new leadership culture

HR & Organization

Align HR Organization and People Practices to the needs of the business strategy. A set of approaches and expertises aimed to:

  • Design the new organization
  • Clarify the HR Mission
  • Develop the People Strategy
  • Align the key HR processes (Performance Management & Talent Management)
  • Design and deliver training projects and development paths