ICT Engagement Path


When employees are engaged, they are able to look at the full perspective of the company, understand its purpose and where and how they fit with organizations’ values and goals.
Engagement is a key pre-financial KPI that can allow to measure how employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization and put discretionary effort into their work. Research shows that a good engagement level impacts directly on the financial performance of the company.

The ICT function of Danieli – iron and steel making multinational Group – is going through a deep and on-going transformation to assure increasing service effectiveness to its internal customers and lead the digital transformation of Danieli Group.
In the last two years ICT deeply reviewed the purpose of the function, assuring its coherence with both the purpose of Danieli Group and its internal customers’ needs.


The ICT function supports Danieli for all the information and technological services linked to the Digital transformation of the company. ICT people work in different sites around the globe: multicultural and multilingual teams with very different backgrounds that must be taken in consideration when planning an engagement survey.
The engagement survey has taken place twice: in 2017 and 2018 and is allowing to collect inputs to build an action plan to reinforce the 4 dimensions of the engagement – and track the engagement trends of ICT population.


Methodos Engagement Monitor measures 4 dimensions (Trust, Commitment, Belonging, Advocacy) and 9 enablers in order to give back a picture of both the actual organization and its perspective allowing to identify which enablers impact most on the 4 dimensions of people engagement. This permits planning in a very concrete and quite detailed way the different initiatives that can be put in place to improve people engagement and impact on the financial performance of the company.
We supported Danieli ICT to evaluate the survey results and facilitated a workshop with the leadership team to design and review the Draft Engagement Plan for the function.
A Leadership Team roadshow through the different sites (Asia and Europe) allowed to enrich and integrate the Draft Engagement Plan through the collection of specific inputs arising from specific cultures throughout the world.
All the inputs were collected and rationalized in the final Engagement Plan that is consistent with Methodos’ approach to multicultural environments ADOPT™ (initiatives that work for the whole population), ADAPT™ (specific actions adapted), ADHOC™ (for each country/working groups in order to respond to specific needs).


All Danieli ICT people (110 persons) were involved to build the 2019 Engagement Plan. The segment of people Engagement increased by 13% while the Actively Disengaged decreased by 4% compared to 2017. The adoption of specific enablers accelerated the progression of the results.