“Nuvoliamo” Engagement Plan


Nuvola is the new Lavazza HQ in Turin. Not only a modern building and architecture but the symbol of a new way of working in the organization. Thanks to the innovative technological infrastructures and the redesigned space planning, the employees are supported to achieve more efficiency and efficacy in their daily work.


The internal communication project, called “Nuvoliamo”, has come to spread the new culture supporting the Lavazza Internal Communication and HR Teams through communication and engagement activities in which involve all the employees.


We structured the plan in 3 phases: pre-move, move and post-move.
For the pre-move phase the plan has developed:

  • information tools, as a monthly e-magazine, e-cards and an internal communication campaign, aimed to transfer to the internal population the useful info to best get to know the concept behind the new office
  • listening and engagement activities, as the activation of the Ambassadors team, a group of volunteer employees involved in the internal communication activities of the project.

The moving phase was focused on supporting people in the physical moving process: during their first day in Nuvola all the employees were involved in an edutainment activity, a treasure hunt in the new building in order to discover all the new features and services offered in Nuvola.
After the move, we created a dedicated task force group to design the flexibility work policy through a pilot project and we supported the launch of the new Intranet with communication activities.


We developed an internal communication system in order to support the culture of sharing activities and skills.